since 2016,

since 2016,

Since 2016,

Service Bar, opened by Chad Spangler and Glendon Hartley, has provided Washington DC with a relaxed and intimate alternative to the typical stiff-upper-lip cocktail bar.

With amazing drinks, possibly the best fried chicken in town, a $9 cocktail menu during Happy Hour (5pm-7pm, Mon-Fri), and great music throughout, Service Bar has been a tried and true spot for some time now.

The ever-changing cocktail list keeps things interesting for the locals, but bartenders are always happy to mix an old favorite. It's hard to find better drinks around. Heck, Service Bar might even give the now famous Causa|Amazonia a run for its drink money.

As for the kitchen, it stands on its own. Serving classic American cuisine focused on locally-sourced, high-quality ingredients, they do it right. The chefs are constantly refining the menu, but don't worry about the fried chicken - you can't refine what's already perfect.